Concrete Polishing

At California Epoxy Flooring (CEF) we pride ourselves on offering the highest-quality professional
concrete polishing services. We utilize heavy-duty and high-tech polishing machines that are fitted with
a series of diamond impregnated discs that gradually grind down a concrete surface to the desired
degree of gloss.

Our polishing process will produce a smooth, mirror-like finish to new and existing concrete floor. The
next step is to incorporate an internal impregnating sealer which protects the concrete and adds density
and strength. Finally, we apply a polishing compound that gives the floor uniform luster and shine.
The benefits of concrete floors that have been polished are many. Aesthetic enhancements aside, the
process of concrete polishing is eco- friendly and can yield an increase in energy efficiency and lower
utility costs.

Whether you have an existing concrete floor surface or are installing something new, call us today to
learn how we can polish and enhance the look and use of your concrete floor.